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Gold bar PAMP Fortuna 50 g

Gold bar PAMP Fortuna 50 g
Gold bar PAMP Fortuna 50 g

Country of origin: Switzerland
Purity: 999.9 / 1000 Au
Weight 50 g
Dimensions 27 * 47 * 2.13 mm
Refineries PAMP

Availability: On request

Price without VAT 71 717 CZK 2 927,37 EUR
Price with VAT 71 717 CZK 2 927,37 EUR

Gold bar PAMP Fortuna 50 g

Swiss gold bars made of 24 carat gold, certified by the Swiss refinery PAMP, comply with the London Good Delivery Standard (LBMA) and are therefore easily accepted in all world markets. The front of the ingot indicates the manufacturer, the net weight in grams, its identification number and the display of the PAMP refinery logo. Ingots up to 250 grams carry on their back a depiction of the Roman goddess of fortune - Fortuna (Tyché), who pours from the corner of abundance to her supporters. Proofs of authenticity (supplier's, refiner's logo, unique number) and weight are declared on the top of the ingot.

Other weights PAMP

Zlatý slitek PAMP Fortuna 1 g

1 g

Zlatý slitek PAMP Fortuna 5 g

5 g

Zlatý slitek PAMP 5g - rok Tygra

5 g

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